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Enhanced Fujita Damage Intensity Scale

  • EF0 - EF1 Weak Tornado
  • EF2 - EF3 Strong Tornado
  • EF4 - EF5 Violent Tornado


(EF0) (65-85 mph)

(EF1) Moderate tornado (86-110 mph)

(EF2) Significant tornado (111-135 mph)

(EF3) Severe tornado (136-165 mph)

(EF4) Devastating tornado (166-200 mph)

(EF5) Incredible tornado (201+ mph)

**Important Note about the Enhanced F-Scale Winds: The Enhanced F-Scale still is a set of wind estimates (not measurements) based on the damage. It uses three-second gusts estimated at the point of damage based on a judement of 8 levels of damage to the 28 damage indicators.

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