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Ansley EF-0 Tornado (Pike County)
  January 9, 2022


Event Summary

Estimated Maximum Wind:
85 mph
Damage Path Length:
0.32 miles
Maximum Path Width:
100 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:
2 ENE Ansley
at 437 PM CST
Approximate End Point/Time:
2 ENE Ansley
at 439 PM CST 


NWS Meteorologists surveyed damage in northwestern Pike County near the and determined it was the result of a brief tornado.

The tornado initially touched down in a wooded area to the west of County Road 1123. It then traveled northeast into an open field where it crossed County Road 1123, snapped a few branches, and uprooted one hardwood tree. There was significant roof damage to a metal farm building at a residence along the county road. A large feed bin, which was being housed in the barn, was lofted roughly 150 feet into a nearby field, and a gooseneck trailer was overturned. The tornado continued northeast into another pasture where it narrowly missed the family residence. However, minor shingle and porch damage was noted, and sheet metal was peeled back on another nearby barn. Shortly before lifting, the tornado snapped additional tree limbs along a tree line on the opposite side of the field. The tornado produced maximum sustained winds of 85 mph with total path length less than half a mile.

The data is PRELIMINARY and may be subject to change.



Radar Image
Reflectivity (left) and velocity (right) of the circulation.
Images from KMXX at 437 PM CST.


Damage Photo
 Farm building roof damage.
Damage Photo
  Feed bin lofted.