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Severe Thunderstorms...January 19, 2001

Meteorologists with the National Weather Service have concluded that the storm damage in Montgomery was caused by both a weak tornado and a strong downburst (straight-line wind).

The tornado first touched down just west of Greenwood Cemetery on Three Mile Branch. The tornado was moving northeastward at approximately 50 mph and moved through the Forest Hills area downing trees and causing minor structural damage to some homes. The tornado crossed the Atlanta Highway and continued to down trees in the Johnstown area of eastern Montgomery. Much of the damage here occurred when trees fell onto structures. The tornado appeared to end on the south edge of Gunter Industrial Park.

The damage caused by the tornado places it in the weak category as an F0. The tornado path was 2.3 miles long and about 100 yards wide. The initial touchdown occurred at 9:22 AM and ended at 9:25 AM.

The second path of damage occurred slightly north of the tornado path. Damage occurred from the north side of Gunter Air Force Station along Congressman Dickinson Drive through the Eastern Boulevard/Congressman Dickinson Interchange and into a residential area of Madison Park. One mobile home was de-roofed and one other house suffered significant roof damage in this area. Other damage was primarily in the form of downed trees and power lines and minor roof damage (shingles removed). This damage path was 2.9 miles long and about 200 yards wide.

These events were produced by a strong thunderstorm that exhibited a bowing characteristic which is frequently accompanied by weak tornadoes and strong straight-line wind. Wind gusts with the thunderstorms were measured at 48 mph at 9:15 AM at Dannelly Field and 61 mph at Maxwell Air Force base at 9:19 AM.

Reports indicated that several minor injuries occurred but no details were available on these yet.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch Number 2 included Montgomery county and was valid from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM. A Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued at 9:03 AM valid to 10:00 AM and was upgraded to a Tornado Warning at 9:16 AM valid until 10:00 AM.

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Tree downed on house due to strong winds.

House damaged in Johnstown area.

Trees down and debris in tree in the Johnstown area.

Damage in the Eastern Boulevard/Congressman Dickinson Interchange area.