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Hackneyville Tornado- February 17, 2008


Maximum Wind:
70 mph
Path Length:
4.5 miles
Maximum Path Width:
50 yards
33.0346/-85.9943 at 147 PM
33.0714/-85.9296 at 153 PM

A National Weather Service Assessment team surveyed the storm damage in Tallapoosa County. It has been determined that the damage was the result of a weak tornado. The tornado has been rated an EF-0 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. Damage estimates were consistent with winds around 70 mph. The tornado damage path was 4.5 miles long and was 50 yards wide at its widest point. The tornado was on the ground from about 147 pm until 153 pm.

The tornado touched down near Pearson Chapel Road, north of Barnett Road. The tornado traveled northeastward and ended just north of Hackneyville before it crossed County Road 5. A few homes suffered minor roof damage and a few trees were either snapped off or lost some limbs.

Additional storms affected this same area later in the day. More tree damage was sustained about a hour later just south of these tornado paths. Of note, several documents from Prattville fell out of the sky in and around this location after the second set of storms passed by.


Map of Damage Path
Tornado Damage Path