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Hurtsboro F-3 Tornado - Russell County 
April 1, 1981



Estimated Maximum Wind:
158-206 mph, but likely on the lower end of the scale
23 Injured / 2 Fatalities
Damage Path Length:
3.5 miles
Maximum Path Width:
100 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:
at 215 am
Approximate End Point:

Two persons were killed and 23 injured when a major tornado devastated Hurtsboro's business district and much of the residential area.  One person was killed when the storm destroyed their mobile home.  Another person was killed when their home was destroyed. Eight of the injured were admitted to the hospitals.  Damage was estimated at $8.5 million will about 80 percent of the property in the city damaged or destroyed.  Twenty-five homes, 8 mobile homes and 25 businesses were totally destroyed.  Forty-one homes and 10 businesses suffered major damage.  The tornado apparently touched down just west of the city limits and moved eastward through the center part of the city before lifting along CR 26, east of town.  The damage path was apparently wider where the storm first touched down, west of the city.





Newspaper Clipping
This picture is from The Birmingham News
on Wednesday, April 1, 1981.