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Moores Valley EF-1 Tornado (Marengo County)
  April 12, 2020


Event Summary

(EF-1 in WFO MOB)
Estimated Maximum Wind:
100 mph
Damage Path Length:
2.69 miles
Maximum Path Width:
1000 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:
1 N Vineland
at 941 pm
Approximate End Point/Time:
3 NE Vineland
at 944 pm


National Weather Service meteorologists surveyed the damage in far southeast Marengo County and determined it was the result of an EF-1 tornado.

A tornado formed along State Route 25 about two miles southwest of the Moores Valley community in extreme southern Marengo County. The tornado moved northeast, causing significant tree damage at Friendship Baptist Church, along County Road 56, County Road 55, and Moores Valley Road. The damage path quickly grew to a width of 1000 yards as it crossed into Wilcox County. Maximum winds were estimated at 100 mph for the Marengo County portion of this track. In Marengo County, the tornado damage path was 2.69 miles long and was 1000 yards wide at its widest point. The maximum winds were estimated around 100 mph.


Radar Image
Reflectivity (left) and velocity (right) of the circulation just as the tornado touched down.
Images are from KGWX at 941 pm.


Damage Photo
  Tree & Home Damage
Damage Photo
  Tree Damage