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Hagler-Coaling Road EF-1 Tornado (Tuscaloosa County)
  April 14, 2019


Event Summary

Estimated Maximum Wind:
105 mph
Damage Path Length:
3.51 miles
Maximum Path Width:
475 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:
2 NE Low Gap
at 220 am
Approximate End Point/Time:
1 N Hagler
at 225 am


National Weather Service meteorologists surveyed the damage in extreme southeastern Tuscaloosa County and determined it was the result of a tornado with maximum sustained winds of 105 mph.

Although it is uncertain as to the exact location of initial touchdown due to inaccessible land, a TDS detected by the KBMX WSR-88D indicates the tornado touched down just north of the Bibb-Tuscaloosa County line. The first damage from the tornado was found west of U.S. Highway 82 north of the intersection with Hagler-Coaling Road, where a few weakened large trees were snapped. Several trees fell into the highway but were removed before the survey. As the tornado crossed U.S. Highway 82, it intensified rapidly, mowing down scores of hardwood trees, removing the roof off a small barn, and peeling all the shingles off of a home. A cow was killed by one of the falling trees. The tornado continued north-northeastward over a hill and then down onto Hagler-Coaling Road. The tree damage was not as concentrated, but several large hardwoods were snapped or uprooted, and a home sustained roof damage. The tornado lifted somewhere north of Hagler-Coaling Road but south of Wire Road over inaccessible land.


Radar Image
Reflectivity (left) and velocity (right) of the circulation just before the tornado crossed US Highway 82.
Images are from KBMX at 222 am.


Damage Photo
  Tree Damage