National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Demopolis EF-1 Tornado
April 24, 2010


Estimated Maximum Wind:
95 mph
2 Injuries
Damage Path Length:
9.3 miles
Maximum Path Width:
200 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:
32.5178/-87.8585 at 1119 am
Approximate End Point/Time:
32.6236/-87.7636 at 1135 am

A National Weather Service Damage Assessment Team has surveyed the storm damage in Sumter, Marengo, Greene and Hale Counties. It has been determined the damage was the result of both a tornado and straight line winds. 

The tornado touched down just west of the Tombigbee River in the Demopolis Wildlife Refuge. The tornado tracked northeastward and caused damage at the City Landing. At least 20 people witnessed the tornado and ran for shelter. At least 20 vehicles were damaged many with windows blown out. Tool boxes were ripped off the back of a few trucks and were thrown into other vehicles. Many trees were snapped off.  The tornado continued northeast and crossed Highway 43 into Greene County. At the Greene County Steam Plant, 2 men were injured when they were blown down by the wind. Two others were injured but these injuries were not directly attributed to the storm. Several trees were either blown down or were snapped off. A few small buildings were damaged. A tractor trailer rig was blown over and moved at least 40 feet. The tornado crossed the Black Warrior River into Hale County where it ended. The tornado damage path was 9.3 miles long and was 200 yards wide at its widest point.

The supercell thunderstorm that produced the tornado also had an active rear flank downdraft. This downdraft produced straight line wind damage immediately to the south of the tornado damage. Sporadic wind damage occurred over a rather large area from near Demopolis into southern Greene and Hale Counties from Lock 5 to Highway 69. The maximum straight line winds were estimated around 80 mph.





The top image is the 0.5 degree reflectivity data and the bottom image is the 0.5 degree storm relative velocity data duriung the lifespan of the storm.  It traversed Sumter, Marengo, Greene and Hale counties.  The radar imagery is from KBMX in Calera, AL.

Storm Relative Velocity