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Troy EF-1 Tornado (Pike County)
  April 27, 2017


Event Summary

NWS Meteorologists surveyed damage in central Pike County just northeast of Troy and determined it was the result of a tornado.

The tornado formed just south of Highway 29 northeast of Troy, as it crossed Radio Station Road. The tornado snapped and uprooted dozens of trees as it moved through residential areas south of Highway 29, damaging or destroying several outbuildings and causing minor shingle and overhang damage to homes. In addition, a mobile home was flipped over onto its roof just before Thomas Road, but did not appear to be well-anchored. The tornado crossed Highway 29 just west of the Dunn Community. As the tornado crossed CR 7757, one large hardwood tree was snapped and another was uprooted, falling on a home. The tornado paralleled CR 7761, continuing to snap and uproot dozens of additional softwood and hardwood trees. A poorly built shed was completely destroyed near the intersection with CR 7759 with tin lofted well downstream. Tree damage began to diminish further northeast and the tornado dissipated before reaching Highway 223. The tornado damage path was 4.89 miles long and was 150 yards wide at its widest point.

Estimated Maximum Wind:
95 mph
Damage Path Length:
4.89 miles
Maximum Path Width:
150 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:
3 NE Troy
at 1125 am
Approximate End Point/Time:
4 NNW Banks
at 1135 am




Reflectivity (left) and velocity (right) of the tornado after is crossed Hwy 29.
Images are from KEOX at 1130 am.


Mobile home damage

Mobile home damage