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Moulton - Danville Tornado-
Lawrence - Morgan Counties
April 30, 1909


Estimated Maximum Wind:
18 Injured / 4 Fatalities
Damage Path Length:
18 miles
Maximum Path Width:
880 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:
7 SE Moulton / Noon
Approximate End Point/Time:
1.5 N Danville


The tornado began about 7 miles southeast of Moulton and moved in a northeasterly direction to about 1.5 north of Danville where it seemed to disappear. The storm tracked varied  from 100 yards to a half mile in width. The tornado was well defined having the characteristic funnel shape cloud. At Madison, it seems to have only been represented by a hailstorm. Several dwellings were demolished. The damage to timber and other property was also great and the loss of livestock was considerable.

This article courtesy of the Google Digitization Project,  Monthly Weather Review April 1909 Page 111, and Mr. E. C. Horton.