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Chambers and Lee County EF-0 Tornado (Chambers/Lee Counties)
                            November 1, 2018


Event Summary


National Weather Service meteorologists surveyed minor damage in extreme southern Chambers County and a small part of north central Lee County. The survey determined that it was consistent with a weak EF-0 tornado. The tornado formed at the Wooshin USA plant between Chambers County Road 177 and Interstate 85. Lightweight bin liners were lofted into the air and strewn downstream, and some empty bins were blown over. The tornado moved over the Ajin USA plant where portions of the top of a rooftop air conditioning unit were peeled off, and the unit was shifted slightly, causing very minor damage to the roof. The tornado was also recorded on multiple videos at this time. The tornado continued northeastward, damaging the corner facade of the Shelton Fireworks Store located on the county line between Chambers and Lee Counties. As the tornado crossed Interstate 85 at the Chambers County Road 388 exit as well as the Judge Brown Road, little to no damage was apparent. The tornado greatly weakened at this time. One tree was blown down pointing upstream near the end of Chambers County Road 495. As the tornado approached Chambers County Road 519, one tree was uprooted and a tin overhang attached to a mobile home was completely removed and blown downstream. The tornado quickly dissipated near Chambers County Road 519.

The tornado damage path was 2.72 miles long and was 50 yards wide at its widest point.

This storm system produced damaging winds and tornadoes in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. As it approached Alabama, the instability and shear did not combine to produce any widespread damage. There were Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Watches in Alabama, but very little severe weather occurred.






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Estimated Maximum Wind:

65 mph



Damage Path Length:

2.72 miles

Maximum Path Width:

50 yards

Approximate Start Point/Time:

3 NNW Beans Mill  32.7391/-85.2893
at 1212 pm CDT

Approximate End Point/Time:

4 ESE Cusseta 32.7530/-85.2486
at 1216 pm CDT


Data, Damage, Storm Pictures


Damage Path

Damage Path in Chambers and Lee Counties.


Damage Image Damage Image


Tree Uprooted


Damage Image


Damage Image Damage Image

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