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Hale County F0 Tornado

November 8, 2000

A mobile home sustained broken windows from the wind and debris.
A large tree is splintered and blown down near the damaged mobile home.
Close up of twisted and splintered large tree.
An overturned boat that was inside the garage.
Picture of garage roof damage.
Two National Weather Service meteorologists surveyed some damage from the severe thunderstorms, Wednesday night, November 8th, 2000. Here is the summary of the small damage area. Damage images were taken with a digital camera, click on the graphics to get larger images.

A low topped supercell thunderstorm moved north northeast across western Hale County and produced a 1.0 mile track, F0 tornado. The tornado began at 6:48 PM CST, 2.9 miles east of Akron. The tornado touched down on Long Hill Road, off CR 21 between CR 59 and CR 36.

The tornado moved generally northeast and ended at 6:49 PM CST just before CR 21. The tornado briefly touched down and was only about 40 yards wide. No injuries were reported with the brief touchdown of this tornado.


Click on the image to view a map showing the damage path. Map of damage path.  Click to view larger image.

Several trees were snapped off or blown over throughout the path of the tornado. One mobile home sustained relatively minor garage had its roof almost completely removed... and one outbuilding was destroyed. The path of the tornado was oriented at about 35 or 40 degrees... and some of the damage and downed trees were blown off at about 290 degrees.

Several additional reports of severe weather including tornadoes, wind damage, and flash flooding occurred in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama on Wednesday and Thursday.


Mobile home that sustained damage. The windows were broken out, the entire front awning was blown away, the roof had some pieces removed, and the underlining was caved in.
The roof of a garage was completely removed. Although it is generally in one piece, the roof was thrown off 90 degrees to the left of the tornado path.
View of the damaged garage.
Another view of the garage.