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Northeast Montgomery (Montgomery) EF-1 Tornado
November 16, 2011

Estimated Maximum Wind:
90 mph
Damage Path Length:
0.88 miles
Maximum Path Width:
75 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:
32.3867/-86.2184 at 1108 am
Approximate End Point/Time:
32.3977/-86.2107 at 1110 am

National Weather Service ground and aerial survey crews have assessed damage in Montgomery County and found evidence of a brief EF-1 tornado on the northeast side of the city of Montgomery. The tornado initially touched down near the Alabama Christian Academy football field where a large pine tree snapped and collapsed a section of bleachers. The scoreboard on the nearby Faulkner University baseball field also collapsed and the batting cage was blown across the entire field. The tornado continued northeastward where it crossed Wares Ferry Rd, where several homes sustained minor roof damage. Farther to the northeast, the most widespread damage occurred at the Sunshine Valley Mobile Home Park, where numerous mobile homes sustained minor to moderate roof damage and the undercarriages were blown out, and small outbuildings and sheds were blown over. Several trees were also snapped or uprooted, which included one very large pine tree that crushed a vehicle. From there, the tornado crossed U.S. HWY 231 and struck Adams Motorsports, where a section of metal roof was peeled back. The tornado lifted just northeast of Adams Motorsports. The damage path was approximately 0.89 miles long and was 75 yards wide at its widest point.

Radar Data 

Radar Image
This is an 4-Panel reflectivity image from KMXX radar just after the tornado touched down.
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Radar Image
This is an 4-Panel SRM image from KMXX radar just after the tornado touched down.
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Storm Damage Images - Click to Enlarge

Storm Damage Image
Minor Damage

Storm Damage Image
Tree on bleachers


Storm Damage Image
Crushed car

Storm Damage Info
Metal roof damage