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Autaugaville Tornado

National Weather Service Meteorologists surveyed the extensive damage across southern Autauga County. The damage occurred during the pre-Thanksgiving Day severe weather outbreak. The tornado has been rated an F2.


The tornado touched down 2.5 miles to the southwest of Autaugaville. The tornado then moved northeastward across Clark's Landing, where it destroyed several mobile homes, travel campers, and boats.


After crossing Swift Creek, the tornado crumpled 2 high-voltage powerline towers before moving across the Forester Community, where it partially damaged or completely destroyed several structures. Shortly after crossing CR 14, the tornado dissipated.


The tornado damage path was 9.7 miles long and was 500 yards wide at its widest point. There were no injuries or fatalities reported. The tornado was on the ground from 624 am CST until 637 am CST.



damage near Autaugaville damage near Autaugaville
Overturned trailer near Autaugaville. Close up look at the remaining frame of a trailer.
damage near Autaugaville
Pontoon boat and camper, both wrapped around a tree, near Autaugaville. Canoe wrapped around a post near the Forester Community.
damage near Forester damage near Forester
Roof damage on a house near Forester. Note the safe, in the middle of this debris pile near Forester.
damage near Forester map of the damage path
Rain gage in foreground, damaged building in the background. Map of damage path of Autaugaville Tornado