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Bessemer-McCalla Tornado

National Weather Service Meteorologists surveyed the damage in southwestern Jefferson County. The brief touch down and minor damage was the result of a weak tornado. The tornado has been rated an F0.

The damage from this brief tornado was generally confined to a small area near the intersections of Riles Drive, Lou George Loop and Fletcher Road. The tornado touched down near Riles Drive and damaged a few out-buildings. As the tornado moved northeast, numerous trees were uprooted or snapped off at the intersection of Lou George Loop and Fletcher Road. Debris from one of the out-buildings could be seen at least 40 feet up in a large tree. Two homes recieved minor damage from fallen trees and one vehicle was destroyed. At least 4 manufactured homes suffered mainly minor damage. The tornado dissipated before reaching Hannah Lane or Harper Road.

The tornado damage path was 1.0 mile long and 50 yards wide at its widest point. The tornado was on the ground from 528 am CST until 529 am CST.




Tornado Path in southwestern Jefferson County
Tornado Path across Southwestern Jefferson County