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Bluff Springs Tornado

National Weather Service Meteorologists surveyed the damage across extreme northern Tallapoosa and Clay Counties. The damage was the result of a tornado that has been rated an F1.

The tornado first touched down near Little Hillabee Creek and County Road 5 in far northern Tallapoosa County. The tornado snapped and uprooted numerous trees along its path until it reached the Bluff Springs Community in southern Clay County.

At least 10 permanent residences suffered varying degrees of damage in Bluff Springs. Numerous out-buildings, garages and sheds were totally destroyed. Several vehicles sustained damage mainly from falling trees and flying debris. One man suffered minor injuries while inside a garage that was destroyed near Bluff Springs. The heaviest damage occurred in the vicinity of Gortney Road and CR 35.

The tornado continued northeast knocking trees down along the way. Of special note, one utility shed was totally destroyed producing a large number of small missiles upon destruction. Assorted tools, power equipment and even a fluorescent light bulb were thrown hundreds of feet. Some of the objects were impaled in the ground while others damaged a vehicle and a home. The tornado dissipated near SR 49 just north of the Mellow Valley Community.

The tornado damage path was 13.7 miles long and 300 yards wide at its widest point. The tornado was on the ground from 709 am CST until 723 am CST.



Damage in Bluff Springs Trees snapped in Bluff Springs
Garage destroyed in Bluff Springs where one man was injured. Numerous trees snapped off in Bluff Springs.
Roof damage from fallen trees and flying debris Fluorescent Bulb impaled in the ground
Roof damage from fallen trees and flying debris on Gortney Road. Fluorescent light bulb flew through the air and was impaled in the ground without breaking.
Tool shed destroyed Map of tornado path
Tool shed destroyed where many missiles were initiated...including the fluorescent light bulb. Map of tornado path.