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Detroit Tornado

National Weather Service Meteorologists surveyed the damage across northern Lamar and southern Marion Counties. The damage was the result of one tornado that has been rated an F1.

The tornado touched down approximately 1.2 miles southeast of Detroit, just east of US 17 in northern Lamar County. The tornado moved northeast crossing County Road 16 and Dinky Line Road. The tornado continued northeast and moved into Marion County. The tornado crossed CR 10, CR 35, US 78 and CR 42. The most extensive damage occurred in Lamar County close to the tornado touch down point while Marion County damage was mainly limited to tree damage. Several manufactured homes suffered varying degrees of damage, numerous out-buildings were damaged or destroyed, three large grain silos were damaged and several homes were damaged. A few homes were left standing but were uninhabitable. One of the grain silos was deposited over 200 yards from were it was anchored. Hundreds of trees and power lines were snapped off or knocked down along the path.

The total tornado damage path was 13.9 miles and was 250 yards wide at its widest point. The tornado was on the ground from 938 pm CST until 1002 pm CST.



damage to a grain silo in Lamar County damaged house in Lamar County
This grain silo was tossed some 200 yards. Damage to the back of a house in Lamar County.
More grain silos damaged. Tree damage in Lamar County.
damage in Marion County damage in Marion County
Damaged vehicle in Marion County. Numerous trees down in Marion County.
map of the damage path
Map of the damage path of the Detroit Tornado.