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Midfield EF-2 Tornado (Jefferson Co)

 December 25, 2015
Estimated Maximum Wind:
130 mph
2 Injuries
Damage Path Length:
0.92 miles
Maximum Path Width:
280 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:
33.4433/-86.9137 at 455 pm 
Approximate End Point/Time:
33.4454/-86.8987 at 459 pm

NWS meteorologists determined a tornado touched down in Midfield with a fairly brief, but wide damage path, with a core of concentrated significant damage. Initial damage was found near Downey Street and 51st Street, where trees were toppled and snapped. This damage was rated at EF-1 intensity. The tornado then tracked northeast, where EF-2 damage occurred along Jefferson Avenue SW and Park Ave SW, bounded by 50th Street to the south and 49th Street to the north. Here, residential homes were heavily damaged, with two homes flattened. Many trees were also snapped and uprooted. A rapid decline in intensity was observed as the tornado moved northeast, with EF-1 and EF-0 damage consisting of roof damage and snapped/uprooted trees stretching from Grasselli Boulevard to Carver Avenue SW and 45th Street SW. There were a total of about 50 homes impacted, with approximately 15 that were uninhabitable.



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Radar Data 

Radar Image
This is an image of the 0.5 degree reflectivity (left) and velocity (right) data from KBMX at 456 pm. The tornado had just touched down at 455pm.
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Storm Damage Images - Click to Enlarge

Storm Damage Image
  Homes Destroyed

Storm Damage Image
Significant Damage

Storm Damage Image
  Flying Debris Damages Vehicle

Storm Damage Image
Roof Taken Off Home

Storm Damage Image
  50th Street Damage

Storm Damage Image
Roof Off Home

Storm Damage Image
  Significant Damage