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April 6-7, 2024 Windstorm

An intense storm system moved across northeast Colorado on April 6th and then moved northeast into central Nebraska on April 7th.  Strong and damaging winds occurred over portions of the mountains, foothills and northeast plains, from April 6th through April 7th, as the system moved across.   Wind gusts across the mountains and along and near the foothills ranged from 70 to 95 mph with a peak gust of 97 mph at the NCAR Mesa Lab.  Across the northeast plains, the strongest winds were focused along and north of a line from Denver to Fort Morgan to Akron.  Winds gusts from 60 to 80 mph were common.

There quite a few reports of downed trees, power poles and other minor damage where the highest winds occurred.  Up to 150,000 customers lost power during the peak of the event.  Most of these outages were in and around the Denver area.

Although strong winds can occur in April, as the graph shows below, only 17 documented events of winds exceeding 70 mph have occurred in Boulder since 1969, prior to the most recent event.  



Zoomable map of reported Wind Gusts >= 50 mph from April 6th and 7th    


Highest Wind Gusts (>= 75 mph) during the Event

Location County Wind Gust
NCAR Mesa Lab Boulder 97
Coal Creek Canyon  Jefferson 96
3 NW Marshall Boulder 95
Buckeye Larimer 93
3 ESE Buckeye Larimer 91
2 ENE Copper Mountain Summit 91
Rocky Flats Hwy 93 and 72  Jefferson 90
3 S Boulder Boulder 89
4 S Rocky Flats Jefferson 89
1 NE Crisman Boulder 88
3 SW Rocky Flats Jefferson 88
2 NNW Rocky Flats Boulder 87
I-70 Georgetown Lake  Clear Creek 86
3 SE Tolland Gilpin 84
Dakota Hill  Gilpin 84
6 SW Carr Larimer 84
I-25 and Buckeye Rd  Larimer 84
2 ESE Sterling Logan 84
I-76 Sterling  Logan 84
1 E Empire Clear Creek 83
2 SW Broomfield Jefferson 83
3 ESE Copper Mountain Summit 83
2 N Superior Boulder 81
2 S Mt Audubon Boulder 81
0.7 S Georgetown  Clear Creek 81
1 SSW Georgetown Clear Creek 81
I-70 Dumont  Clear Creek 81
4 NNW White Ranch Open Jefferson 80
8 SSW Grover Weld 80
2 SE Julesburg Sedgwick 79
2 NNE Natural Fort Weld 79
4.9 N Nunn (UPR)  Weld 79
5 NNW Nunn Weld 79
I-25 at Wyoming Border  Weld 79
1 SSE Dumont Clear Creek 76
7 WNW Antero Reservoir Park 76
Jones Hill  Park 76
1 NNW Akron Washington 76
Briggsdale  Weld 76
2 WNW Brookvale Clear Creek 75
Corral Creek  Clear Creek 75
2 SSE Pleasant View Jefferson 75
Lakewood  Jefferson 75