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November 2017 finished with below average temperatures.
Precipitation was more variable and ranged from 50 to 75 percent
of normal across much of the region, but from 100 to 130 percent
of normal across parts of far northeast Maine and into the Saint
John Valley. The precipitation was spread out across the month
with no prolonged periods of dry weather.  Snowfall was well 
below average this past November. 

Temperatures across the region as a whole averaged from 0.5 to 2 
degrees below average, which was in sharp contrast to October 
which was the warmest on record at Caribou, Bangor, Houlton, and 
Millinocket. It was the coolest November across northern and
eastern Maine since 2014. 

For the two month period of September through October it was the
warmest on record at Caribou, Houlton, Millinocket, and Bangor.
The colder than average November was enough that Houlton was the
only climate site to experience the warmest meteorological fall
(September through November) on record. Caribou ended with the 
2nd warmest, Millinocket the 3rd warmest, and Bangor the 4th 

Only a trace of snow was observed at Bangor this past November. 
The last time only a trace of snow was observed at Bangor in 
November was in 2009, but it is not all that uncommon as there 
have been 17 years since weather records began in 1926 when only a
trace of snow was observed at Bangor during the month of 
November. At Caribou a total of 3.9" of snow was observed, which 
tied with 1962 as the 12th least snowy November on record. The
first measurable snow at Caribou dud not occur until 0.8" was
observed on the 17th. This was the 4th latest measurable snowfall
on record behind only 1994, 2010, and 2016.  

The outlook for December from the Climate Prediction Center calls
for an increased likelihood of below average temperatures. There 
are no strong climate signals that would point toward an unusually 
wet (snowy) or dry month. The winter solstice this year will be 
observed at 11:28 am on December 21st. 

The average high temperature at Caribou drops from 32 degrees on 
the 1st to 22 degrees by month end. The average low falls from 18 
degrees on the first to 4 above by months end. At Bangor, the 
average high falls from 39F on the 1st to 29F by the end of the 
month. The average low falls from 23F on the 1st to 9F above by 
the end of the month. The average snowfall at Caribou is 22.9" and
at Bangor is 14.4". 





Images courtesy of the Northeast Regional Climate Center