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The Snowfall Deficit Recovers at Caribou


The snowfall deficit this January has nearly been made up late this month.  Through January 24th it had been the least snowy start to the month of January since 1993. Two back-to-back storms produced 13 inches of snow at Caribou.  The first storm on the 25th into the 26th produced 7 inches of snow, and the second storm on the 27th produced 6 inches of snow.  The total snowfall this month now stands at 17.2 inches, which is only 4.8 inches below normal. 

At Bangor, a total of 8.7 inches of snow has been observed so far this month, which is 8.1 inches below normal.  For the 2013-2014 snow season, snowfall is still above normal due to a snowy December. So far this snow season a total of 38 inches of snow has been observed, which is 4.4 inches above normal.

After one of the coldest starts to January on record, temperatures moderated significantly on the 5th, and averaged more than 20 degrees above normal at times from the 11th through the 19th.   Temperatures have mostly been below normal since the 20th. At Caribou, the average temperature so far this month as of the 27th is 12.8 degrees, and is now 2.6 degrees above normal. At Bangor, the average temperature of 19 degrees is 2.1 degrees above normal.