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Great Lakes Ice Analysis Great Lakes Ice Chart (Concentration & Thickness)

      Great Lakes Surface Environmental Analysis - NOAA Coastwatch      Great Lakes Concentraion & Thickness Combined Chart

Great Lakes Ice Analysis - ConcentrationGreat Lakes Ice - Thickness

Ice Concentration                                                               Estimated Ice Thickness
Ice Egg Chart - Western Great LakesIce Egg Chart - Eastern Great Lakes

 Traditional Composite - West                                                        Traditional Composite - East                      

National Ice Center          NATIONAL ICE CENTER




These links to the Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System -- Nowcast/Forecast pages include:

  • current observed ice cover, wind, and air temperature
  • model-derived ice thickness, ice velocity, vessel icing, surface currents, and water temperature. Note that some of these products are still under development.

Lake Superior Ice - Model AnalysisLake Michigan Ice - Model AnalysisLake Huron Ice - Model AnalysisLake Erie Ice - Model AnalysisLake Ontario Ice - Model Analysis

Superior                              Michigan                         Huron                                Erie                             Ontario

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