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Heavy Snow Moves into the Rockies; Northern Plains

A storm will move from the western U.S. into the Wasatch and northern Rockies. Heavy snow, gusty winds and difficult travel conditions are likely. The storm will move into the Northern Plains toward the end of the week, with possible blizzard conditions. Elsewhere, heavy rain is possible along the central Gulf Coast and Florida while record warmth spreads into the Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic. Read More >

The Tsunami Exercise Caribe Wave 17 will have three scenarios: Santiago de Cuba, Costa-Rica and Northeastern Antilles. All scenarios will start, with one dummy message, at 1400 UTC (time of the earthquake) and the 1st message for each of the three scenarios will be 5 minutes later (1405 UTC).

It is important to remark that each Member State will selects one scenario and that PTWC only will send simulated products for the selected scenario to the primary TWFP and NTWC of that Member State.


Read the  IOC Circular Letter No 2654 - CARIBE WAVE 2017


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