National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Management & Administration

  • Jeff Garmon, Meteorologist-in-Charge (MIC)

  • Jared Allen, Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM)

  • Rob Cox, Science and Operations Officer (SOO)

  • Jim Knutson, Electronic Systems Analyst (ESA)

  • Ray Gomez, Information Technology Officer (ITO)

  • David Belovarac, Administrative Assistant (ASA)

Operational Meteorologists & Hydrometeorological Technician

  • Gerry Claycomb, Lead Forecaster, Incident Meteorologist

  • Mike Jamski, Lead Forecaster

  • Tim Trudel, Lead Forecaster

  • Vacant, Lead Forecaster

  • Chris Hammer, Lead Forecaster

  • Rich Emanuel, Meteorologist

  • Steve Rubin, Meteorologist
  • Andrew Lyons, Meteorologist

  • Aviva Braun, Meteorologist, Incident Meteorologist

  • William Mokry, Meteorologist

  • Crystal Worley, Meteorologist

  • Matthew Brothers, Meteorologist

  • Brandon Wills, Meteorologist

  • Vacant, Observation Program Leader (OPL)

Electronics Technicians

  • Gordon Alford, Electronics Technician

  • Dave Reed, Electronics Technician

  • Carl Burnside, Facilities Electronics Technician (FET)