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Weather trivia for April


Apr 1, 1988
A powerful spring storm produced 34 inches of snow at Rye CO,
22 inches at Timpas OK, 19 inches at Sharon Springs KS, and up
to 17 inches fell in the Oklahoma panhandle.

Apr 2, 1936
The low of 9 degrees established the record low for the month of
April at Dodge City.
IN 1982...Severe thunderstorms spawned 56 tornadoes in the central
U.S., including 17 in the Red River Region of Texas and Oklahoma.
The tornadoes claimed 30 lives and injured 383 other persons.

Apr 3, 1964
Wichita Falls TX was hit by a tornado. 7 people were killed and
111 were injured. Great damage was done at Sheppard Air Force
Base where 3 tanker planes, a hanger, the power plant, and the
chapel were all destroyed.
IN 1974...A super outbreak of tornadoes ravaged the Midwest and the
eastern United States. Severe thunderstorms spawned 148 tornadoes
in 36 hours from Alabama to Michigan, killing 315 persons, injuring
5300 others, and causing 600 million dollars damage. Half the
town of Xenia Ohio was destroyed and 34 people were killed.

Apr 4, 1983
A snowstorm left 11 inches of snow on the ground at Liberal Kansas
and 14 inches at Trousdale Kansas.
IN 1994...Wind gusts toppled a grain dryer in Sublette KS which fell
across highway 56 blocking the west bound lanes.

Apr 5, 1882
A tornado moved north northeast from 4 miles east of Iuka Kansas,
passing through the town of Stafford. Many homes were unroofed or
blown down in Stafford. 2 mills were destroyed and a 700 pound
millstone was moved 150 feet. 1 person was killed and 14 injured.
IN 1994...Heavy snow cut a 20 to 30 mile swath across western Kansas,
stretching from Garden City to Hays and on to Russell. Hays
received 5.5 inches of snow overnight.

Apr 6, 1936
A tornado swarm in the Deep South resulted in a total of 446 deaths
and 18 million dollars damage. A tornado struck Tupelo MS killing
216 persons, injuring 700 others, and causing 3 million dollars damage.
IN 1971...The low of 13 degrees established the record low for the month
of April at Garden City.
IN 2001...A tornado moved rapidly northward just west of Rolla KS and
destroyed a mobile home. Twenty power poles were taken down and
damage was done to buildings in Rolla with a garage losing its
roof. Several silos were damaged or destroyed in the path of
the tornado.

Apr 7, 1935
Amarillo TX reported dust obscuring visibility for 20 hours.
Blowing dust was reported 27 of 30 days in the month. On
several days the visibility was reduced to near zero at times.
IN 1936...2 tornadoes cut a path 4 blocks wide through Gainesville
Georgia killing 203 persons, injuring 934, and causing 13 million
dollars damage.

Apr 8, 1938
The worst April blizzard on record ended in Dodge City. Light to
moderate snow whipped by strong winds completely blocked all streets
in Dodge City and all roads and railroads from the city. From the
evening of the 7th until midday of the 9th,traffic in all directions
from town were completely blocked. Drifts up to eight and ten feet
and perhaps even higher were piled over the streets, walks and yards.
IN 1919...A tornado swarm in northern Texas resulted in the deaths of
64 persons.
IN 1956...After daytime highs in th 60s, snow along with thunder and
lightning occurred across southwest Kansas. Over 5 inches of snow
fell at Dodge City with 4 inches at Garden City. Winds gusted to over
70 mph in the Texas panhandle with zero visibility and blowing dust.
A strong tornado hit near Enid OK.
IN 1998...A tornado struck the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama killing
34 persons.

Apr 9, 1944
A tornado near Turpin, OK moved to the northwest, then curved
back toward the northeast before hitting Liberal KS. A barn was
destroyed 6 miles northeast of Liberal. Most of the $174,000
loss was at an army air field.
IN 1947...The southern plains Tri-State tornado tracked 170 miles through
Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. This tornado episode was probably a
family of tornadoes. 181 people were killed, 970 others were
injured, and total damage was $9.7 million. Woodward OK was hit
hard with 101 fatalities. The entire town of Glazier TX was
destroyed and never rebuilt. A tornado moved from 7 miles north of
Meade KS to 13 miles east-northeast of Dodge City. Farms were leveled
at several points along the path. 2 homes were swept away. Damage locations
indicated an erratic path, a family or tornadoes, or strong
associated downbursts. Total damage was $225,000.
IN 1994...A tornado touched down 3 and a half miles west southwest
of Kismet Kansas and moved east northeast across highway 54 and east
into Meade county. The tornado struck the southern part of Meade.
It ended one mile southeast of Meade after doing extensive damage to
Meade High School, power lines, and several business in southern
Meade township. Damage estimates were around 1.3 million dollars. In
Seward county a tornado struck a car and mobile home 2 miles east of
Kismet KS. 2 adults were in the car and one adult and 5
children were in the mobile home. All eight sustained minor
injuries and the mobile home was demolished. The tornado had a
maximum path width of 1000 yards in Seward county, but expanded
to a maximum width of a mile southeast of Plains in Meade

Apr 10, 1919
Hays KS received a total of 12 inches of snow that began on the 9th.
IN 1935...Severe dust storms across Iowa and Kansas closed schools
and highways. Dodge City experienced its worst dust storm of record,
with dense dust reported from the morning of the 9th until after
sunset on the 11th. The sky was almost as dark as night at times
during the daylight hours. The thick dust suspended traffic on
highways and railroads, and also suspended most businesses in town.
IN 1979...A massive tornado smashed into Wichita Falls TX killing 43
persons and causing 300 million dollars damage. Another tornado
struck Vernon TX killing 11 persons.
IN 2001...A tornado moved into Ellis county from Trego County during
the late evening hours. It took out 50 power poles in Ellis county
and damaged 13 farms. Roofs were removed on several homes and
there was extensive damage done to several outbuildings and
trailers. Two semis were overturned on interstate 70 west of
Ellis causing several minor injuries.
A mobile home south of Dodge City was completely demolished by a
tornado during the late evening hours. Another nearby trailer
received moderate damage. Two pivot sprinklers were destroyed
and there was other scattered minor damage along the path of the

Apr 11, 1965
Severe thunderstorms in the upper Midwest spawned 51 tornadoes
killing 256 persons and causing more than 200 million dollars damage.
Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan were hardest hit in the Palm Sunday Tornado
IN 1996...High wind along with a strong cold front caused some damage in
the Garden City area. Power lines were blown down and windows
were blown out of one house.

Apr 12, 1991
Due to heavy rains, US highways 54 and 281 were closed and parts
of the city of Pratt were evacuated. Lemon Park suffered heavy
damage, with railroad tracks and cars washed away. Pratt received
6.25 inches of rain.
IN 1927...A tornado wiped out the town of Rock Springs TX killing 72
persons and causing 1.2 million dollars damage. Many persons
were bruised by large hail which fell after the passage of the
IN 1934...Winds atop Mount Washington NH averaged 186 mph for 5 minutes,
with a peak gust of 231 mph, the highest wind speed ever clocked
in the world.

Apr 13, 1986
A mojor spring storm quickly intensified bringing blizzard conditions
to much of the Northern Plains Region. Up to 18 inches of snow was
reported in North Dakota, and in South Dakota, winds gusting to 90 mph
whipped the snow into drifts fifteen feet high. Livestock losses were
in the millions of dollars, and for some areas it was the worst blizzard

Apr 14, 1873
An Easter blizzard raged across Kansas, Nebraska and South
Dakota. Gale force winds blew the wet snow into massive drifts,
however there were few deaths due to the sparse population and
due to the gradual increase of the storm.
IN 1886...A devastating tornado cut a 20 mile path through Saint
Cloud Minnesota killing 74 persons. The bottom of the Mississippi River
was said to have been seen during the tornado's crossing. Eleven
persons were killed at a wedding party near the town of Rice.
IN 1935...This was the worst dust storm on record across the Great Plains
and this was known as Black Sunday. A cold front blew south across the
region which brought visibilities down to zero in dust. There was total
darkness in the middle of the day from the thick dust.
IN 1996...In western Kansas 10 inches of snow was reported in the Scott
Lake State Park area bringing down some trees. Six to eight inches
were reported in Healy, Manning and Scott City.

Apr 15, 1921
Two mile high Silver Lake CO received 76 inches of snow in 24 hours, the
heaviest 24 hour total of record for North America. The storm left a
total of 87 inches in 27 and a half hours.

Apr 16, 1990
Thunderstorm wind gusts to 100 mph in the Oklahoma City area swept away
many Federal tax returns being transported from a mail cart to a waiting
truck about the time of the midnight deadline.
IN 1998...A tornado moved through Nashville, Tennessee resulting in 1
death and 60 injuries.

Apr 17, 1922
A family of at least 6 tornadoes caused death and destruction along parts of
a 210 mile path from north of Ogden Illinois to Allen County Ohio killing 16
persons. A post card, picked up in Madison County Indiana, was found 124
miles away near Mount Cory Ohio.
IN 1976...A tornado skipped north-northeast from 5 miles northeast of
Hardtner KS, ending 2 miles northeast of Sharon. 8 homes were
destroyed at the south edge of Sharon. 2 people were injured.

Apr 18, 1880
More than two dozen tornadoes were reported from Kansas and Arkansas to
Wisconsin and Michigan. More than 100 persons were killed, including
65 persons at Marshfield Missouri.

Apr 19, 1964
A tornado moved east from 15 miles northwest of Jetmore KS,
leveling all barns on one farm.
IN 1986...A major storm system produced 10 tornadoes in Texas. One of
these tornadoes virtually annihilated the town of Sweetwater. The
tornado struck at the unlikely time of 7:17 am. One person was killed
and 100 were injured.

Apr 20 1912
A tornado moved north northeast from 5 miles southeast of Rush Center
Kansas across the east half of Bison. Farms were wiped out near Rush
Center. The loss at Bison was $70,000 as half of the town, about 50
homes, were damaged or destroyed. There were 15 injuries in town. A
dozen farms were nearly wiped out. Debris from the farm houses were
carried for 8 miles. An elderly man who made light of the storm was
killed with his granddaughter on a farm 2 miles southwest of Bison.
IN 1920...Tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama killed 219 persons.

Apr 21, 1887
Twenty one people were killed and 250 injured when a tornado tracked 60
miles through Anderson and Linn counties in Kansas and Bates
county in Missouri. Total damage was 1 million dollars, one of
the few million dollar tornadoes in the 19th century.
IN 1967...Severe thunderstorms spawned 48 tornadoes in the Upper Midwest.
Hardest hit was northern Illinois where 16 tornadoes touched
down during the afternoon and evening hours causing 50 million
dollars damage. On that Friday afternoon tornadoes struck
Belvidere IL, and the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn, killing 57
IN 1968...A tornado moved northeast from 11 miles southwest of Medicine
Lodge KS to 2 miles east of Nashville in Kingman county. Barns were
leveled, and a farm house, post office and trailer were damaged.
In 2001...A tornado struck Hoisington KS during the evening hours. The F4
tornado destroyed 200 homes and 12 businesses with another 85 homes
severely damaged. There was one fatality and 28 injuries about 20
percent of the town was destroyed.

Apr 22, 1883
A tornado moved northeast from Sun City Kansas to Turkey Creek. Five
homes were destroyed, and 3 people were killed in one of these at the
north edge of town. The bodies were carried 300 yards. Six homes and
two stores were unroofed. Most of the damage was at roof top level.
IN 1883...An outbreak of tornadoes from Louisiana to Kansas claimed the
lives of 200 persons. One of the tornadoes destroyed the town of
Beauregard MS.
IN 1989...The high of 100 degrees established the record high for the
month of April at Dodge City.

Apr 23, 1989
The high of 105 degrees at Salina KS established an April record
for the state of Kansas. The high of 103 degrees established the record
high for the month of April at Liberal.
IN 1990...In Garden City lightning struck a large tree. The explosion
shattered car windows, blew open kitchen cupboards, blew out street
lights, and dented a passing car.

Apr 24, 1908
Severe thunderstorms spawned 18 tornadoes across the Central
Gulf Coast States claiming the lives of 310 persons. 4 violent
tornadoes accounted for 279 of the 310 deaths.A tornado near Hattiesburg
MS killed 143 persons and caused more than half a million dollars damage.
IN 1990...A tornado leveled most of Purvis, MS.
IN 1993...A tornado struck Tulsa and Catoosa Oklahoma. 7 people were
killed and 100 were injured. A second tornado touched down from the same
thunderstorm cell and ripped through Catoosa, doing heavy damage and
injuring 30 people. 70 percent of the businesses in Catoosa were damaged
or destroyed.

Apr 25, 1990
A tornado moved northeast from near Brownell KS to 15 miles
north of Hays. 13 farms were damaged or destroyed, with losses
totaling about $750,000.
IN 1994...Strong winds of 60 to 70 mph created duststorms that
reduced visibilities to near zero and damage over parts of southwest
Kansas. A dust storm warning was issued which is extremely uncommon.
Zero visibility in areas forced vehicles off roadways. A Kansas
highway patrol spokesman was quoted as saying it was parallel to
whiteout in a snowstorm.

Apr 26, 1888
A tornado moved north on the east edge of Pratt KS. One home
was unroofed and another was blown over. A man was injured by
flying debris.
IN 1938...A tornado moved north-northeast from east of Hooker, OK damaging
about 50 buildings in 2 states. One home was unroofed at
Sublette KS and there was porch damage at Liberal. Damages from the
tornado was $22,000. Another tornado moved northeast from 12 miles southwest
of Wakeeney KS. Barns and a shed were destroyed near Wakeeney. Buildings
were hit on 13 farms.
IN 1984...Severe thunderstorms associated with an intense cyclone spawned
a total of 47 tornadoes in two days from Louisiana to Upper
Michigan. The tornadoes killed 16 persons and injured 259
IN 1991...A major outbreak of 55 tornadoes wreaked havoc across the midwest.
A deadly tornado tore a 46 mile path of destruction through Sedgwick and
Butler counties in Kansas. McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita suffered
severe damage. A mobile home park was hit in Andover and 13 people were
killed. A total of 17 people were killed and 225 were injured.

Apr 27, 1899
A tornado struck Kirksville MO killing 34 persons and destroying
300 buildings.
IN 1912...One of the worst tornado outbreaks in Oklahoma's history
occurred. 29 people were killed.
IN 1923...A tornado moved east from the northeast corner of Baca county
Colorado. Accompanied by 2 other funnel clouds, the tornado struck the
Sherwood school, 14 miles northwest of Johnson Kansas, killing the
teacher and injuring 5 small children. The body of the teacher was
carried 100 yards. The prairie grass in this sparsely settled region
appeared to be burned.
IN 1942...A destructive tornado swept across Rogers and Mayes counties in
Oklahoma. The tornado struck the town of Pryor killing 52
persons and causing 2 million dollars damage.

Apr 28, 1893
A tornado killed 23 people and injured 150 as it tore a path of devastation
through Cisco TX. Every building in the town was either totally destroyed or
severely damaged.

Apr 29, 1905
The town of Taylor, in southeastern Texas, was deluged with 2.4
inches of rain in 15 minutes.
IN 1944...A tornado moved north northeast, hitting 4 farms north of
Lexington KS, 10 miles northwest of Protection. Two farms were torn apart.
The heavy bowl of a cream separator from one farm was found next to a dead
steer on another farm 5 miles away. The steer had apparently been struck
by a heavy object. Damage from this tornado was $40,000.

Apr 30, 1852
A tornado, following the same track as the famous "Tri-state
Tornado" of 1925, struck the town of New Harmony IN. Just 16
persons were killed by the twister, due to the sparse
settlement. The "Tri-state Tornado" killed 695 persons.
IN 1972...A tornado moved northeast from 12 miles west to 17 miles
northeast of Jetmore. Homes and outbuildings on 16 farms were
damaged or destroyed. A farm home and all outbuildings, 7 miles
northeast of Jetmore, were demolished.
IN 1978...Thunderstorms in the afternoon hours dumped torrential rainfall
in the Dodge City area. Over 4 and a half inches fell in Dodge City with
reports of 8 to 14 inches in the vicinity of Willroads Gardens south to
near Bloom. Flash flooding resulted but no deaths occurred.
IN 1993...Golf ball to baseball size hail fell across the north part of
Dodge City late in the afternoon. Over a million dollars damage
occurred from the hail.
IN 1994...A semi-trailer was blown over by strong thunderstorm winds on
highway 83 about 8 miles north of Garden City. A roof was blown
off a mobile home about 2 miles south of Garden City.
IN 2017...An intense upper storm moved from the Four Corners region and
interacted with unseasonably cold air to produce a major blizzard across
western Kansas with snowfall amounts of 12 to 24 inches common. Cattle
loss across western Kansas was estimated to be as many as 100,000 head.
One electric company alone had around 75 million dollars in damages to
its infrastructure. This unusual late spring storm was made more
destructive by the weight of the snow, since it was very wet and driven
by 50 to 60 mph wind gusts. All roads across the western fourth of the
state were closed and impassable for 1 to 2 days.


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