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Monsoon Flood Threat in the Southwest; Hot in the South and Northwest

Monsoonal heavy rain will continue flash flood potential across the Southwest and Intermountain West to the central and southern Rockies through this weekend, especially in complex terrain, burn scars, and urban areas. Excessive heat and humidity with heat indices over 110 degrees will be common over much of the Deep South and interior Northwest this weekend. Read More >

 Today's Weather Trivia

Today's Date is Saturday July 31, 2021...\n ON... Jul 31, 1934 The high of 109 degrees set the record high for the month of July at Dodge City. IN 1976...A stationary thunderstorm produced more than ten inches of rain which funneled into the narrow Thompson River Canyon of northeastern Colorado. A wall of water six to eight feet high wreaked a twenty five mile path of destruction from Estes Park to Loveland killing 156 persons. The flash flood caught campers, and caused extensive structural and highway damage. Ten miles of US Highway 34 were totally destroyed as the river was twenty feet higher than normal at times. IN 1980...Record heat continued across the middle of the country. Dodge City recorded 22 days of 100 degrees or higher, with 17 of those days in a row with temperatures of 102 degrees or higher.


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