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Today's Date is Sunday May 22, 2022...\n ON... May 22, 1903 A tornado moved north-northeast from 3 miles north of the Ford county line, passing 2 miles west of Dodge City. A dozen barns and four homes were destroyed on at least 10 farms. A tornado moved north-northeast, passing 15 miles west of Kinsley KS. A woman was killed when her home, probably in Hodgeman county, was picked up, then "dashed to the ground into kindling." The tornado was reportedly seen to "bounce" over the prairie. Over 200 cattle were killed by tornadoes this day. IN 1933...A tornado moved north northeast from 7 miles south southwest of Liberal Kansas, through the city. This tornado also struck in the total darkness of a depression era dust storm. It masked this entire western Kansas outbreak. It destroyed the business district and the northwest residential area. At least 165 homes and 44 businesses were badly damaged or destroyed. Four people were killed and 150 injured. Damage was $750,000. IN 1951...Heavy rains produced one of the worst flood disasters during the early morning hours in Hays Kansas. Six people were killed. Heavy rains fell earlier in the month and this also contributed to the flooding. 1951 ended up as the wettest year for Hays with 43.34 inches of precipitation recorded. For May and June, 20.42 inches of rain was recorded at the Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center just south of Hays. IN 1987...A powerful tornado virtually wiped the small southwest Texas community of Saragosa off the map. The twister destroyed 85 percent of the structures in the town killing 35 persons and injuring 121 others in the town. The tornado hurled trucks and autos through adobe and wood-frame homes, with some vehicles blown 500 feet. IN 1993...Two to four inches of rain was reported in the Garden City area. Some streets and intersections in the Garden City area were flooded. IN 1995...Strong to severe thunderstorms moved across southwest Kansas during the late afternoon and evening hours. Hail the size of cantaloupes were reported in Preston, 7 miles northeast of Pratt. In Kinsley, hail smashed numerous building and vehicle windows. A hospital had to be evacuated when broken windows allowed heavy rain to flood the facilities. In Stafford county, Rattlsnake Creek was flooding from torrential rain of up to 11 inches. May 23, 1953 The temperature at Hollis Oklahoma soared from a morning low of 70 degrees to an afternoon high of 110 degrees to establish a state record for the month of May.


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