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Greensburg 5 years after

May 4, 2007 will remain etched in the minds of many people, not just the citizens of Greensburg Kansas as folks from all over the world helped, in part, the rebuilding of the small western Kansas town.  It's been five years now and below are some images of the rebuilding and changes that have taken place.

A story was done on the 1 year anniversary and it can be found here... Greensburg one year later


There are still many stark reminders that the town was devastated by a horrific natural disaster as dead trees remain in some locations

Foundation of a home that was never rebuilt

The northwest side of Greensburg shows very little new construction

Extensive damage was done to the downtown area where only one building was not completely destroyed

Downtown before the tornado struck


Looking north on Main street in 2008 - a year after

Looking north on Main street as of May 5, 2012

High school In May 2007

Today there are homes where the high school once stood

The EF5 tornado took down the towns water tower at the site of the Big Well

The water tower before the tornado struck.

After the tornado the tower lay in ruins

 In May of 2008, the new water tower was up but yet to be painted.

As of May 5, 2012 even the "Big Well" attraction was nearly complete.

Some of the new buildings of Greensburg

Looking north from top of the visitors center

A year after the tornado

As of May 5, 2012

Northwest side looking south-southeast

Northwest side looking east


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