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The last day of Summer Vacation in 2007!  A Tornado Outbreak on Sunday evening, August 26, 2007, produced at least a dozen distinct tornadoes across portions of eastern North Dakota, northwest Minnesota, and southern Manitoba - 11 total in the U.S. and 1 or more in Canada. A particularly devastating EF4 rated tornado struck the city of Northwood, ND, around 0145 UTC (845 pm CDT), killing one person and injuring 18 others. The Northwood Tornado path grew to eight tenths of a mile wide as it crossed the city, impacting nearly every structure and producing some 60 million dollars worth of damages. The northeast corner of the city sustained the most significant damage, where a singularly powerful suction vortex developed within the larger multi-vortex tornado circulation. The multi-vortex tornado, and its parent supercell thunderstorm, passed very close (within 18 miles) to the KMVX Doppler Radar site, allowing for high resolution analysis of the storm as it occurred and for more detailed post-storm studies of the archived radar data.

A more detailed meteorological analysis of this episode is available online at: 

Radar reflectivity loop showing the complex of storms through Nelson, Grand Forks, and Polk Counties... with four tornado ground tracks indicated in violet.
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