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A long tracked severe mesoscale convective complex (MCS) moved out of eastern Nebraska and South Dakota into central and western Minnesota, including west-central and northwest Minnesota, on May 12, 2022. This MCS was particularly long lived and intense producing numerous 80+ mph wind gusts and several tornadoes. This event met the classification of derecho. Other notables include the thick dust that accompanied gusty winds, heavy rainfall, as well as strong 60+ mph non-thunderstorm wind gusts on May 13 associated with the strong low pressure within North Dakota.

As of June 30, 2022, the May 12, 2022, Midwest Derecho event holds the highest number of significant wind gust (75+ mph) reports from any one convective complex on record with 68 reports of measured wind gusts 75 mph or greater. The previous record for the highest number of measured, significant wind gusts was 64 reports during the Central Plains-Midwest derecho of December 15, 2021.