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Severe Weather/Heavy Rain in the Southeast, Tropical Depression Three Dissipates and Building Heat and Monsoon in the West

A strong cold front will progress into the southeast today with the threat for severe thunderstorms and flash flooding. Tropical Depression Three dissipates off the east coast of Florida. Finally out West, monsoonal moisture will produce a marginal threat for flash flooding in the Four Corners region the next few days, while heat gradually builds in the Desert Southwest and portions of California. Read More >

The CANL graphics below show the risk of cold exposure to newborn livestock. The risk is related to wind chill temperature, precipitation, and humidity, and ranges from "NONE" for no risk, to "EXTREME" for rare and particularly dangerous situations. The images below are each valid for a 6 hour time period out to 36 hours. Click on the image to see more detail including valid time. The CANL images are updated at least 2 times daily January - May.

CANL Index graphics for each forecast period (click on image to see full size):

CANL forecast CANL forecast
6 Hour Forecast   12 Hour Forecast


CANL forecast CANL Forecast
18 Hour Forecast 24 Hour Forecast


CANL forecast CANL forecast
30 Hour Forecast 36 Hour Forecast



Based on our research and feedback from the ranching community, the following were identified as hazardous weather elements that increased risk of problems or death to exposed newborns:

  • Wind chill (degrees fahrenheit)
  • Rain or Wet Snow
  • High Humidity (because it makes it more difficult to dry off the animal)
  • Combinations of these elements (such as windchill and rain) are particularly dangerous
  • Sunshine vs. Cloudy Days

The criteria used to generate the forecasts from the tab above is seen below:

  • NONE: Wind Chill above 41 degrees
  • SLIGHT: Wind Chill less than 41 degrees for 2 or more hours
  • MILD: Wind Chill less than 32 degrees for 2 or more hours
  • MODERATE: Wind Chill less than 0 degrees for 2 or more hours or Wind Chill less than 32 degrees and .02" precipitation
  • SEVERE: Wind Chill of -9 degrees or colder for two or more hours, or wind chill of less than 32 degrees and .05" of precipitation
  • EXTREME: Wind Chill of -18 or colder for two or more hours, or wind chill less than 32 degrees and .1" of precipitation
  • For sunny conditions (Cloud cover less than 40%), reduce SLIGHT-EXTREME by one category
  • For humid conditions (Minimum relative humidity's remaining above 95%), increase MOD-SEVERE by one category
  • For dry snow conditions (Maximum temperature remains less than 26F), double the precipitation thresholds for MOD-EXTREME