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The Climatological Data posted on this web site is preliminary in nature and subject to modification upon examination by the National Climatic Data Center. This data, while from an official observer or official observation point, cannot be used in any official capacity such as court proceedings or hearings. According to NWS policy:

NWS employees may not produce records or testify in legal matters without the permission of NWS General Council; (2) all requests for NWS records should be referred to the National Climate Data Center (NCDC); and (3) if the records requested are only available from an NWS field office (i.e., they cannot be obtained from NCDC), the field office may provide copies with a letter of certification with the permission of the NWS General council

Additionally, in accordance with federal regulations: may obtain official, certified NWS records by calling the NCDC at (828) 271-4800. In addition, you should be aware that anyone who needs certified copies of weather records i.e. attorneys, law enforcement officials, insurance companies etc. that NWS employees are prohibited by Federal regulation from providing expert interpretation of weather records, but interpretation can be provided by a private consulting meteorologist. You can refer to the following Web page for a listing of consulting meteorologists: