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The Cooperative Weather Observer (CWO) is the backbone of the climate network worldwide. Even with the advances in technology during the last 100 years, including RADAR, satellite and Weather Radio, the CWO is needed. Needed to report what is happening and what has happened. Part of the duties of the National Weather Service Representative NWSREP is the presentation of awards. Awards are given to CWO's who have faithfully supplied data for 10 years or more. Additional awards are presented at the 15 and 25 year mark in their career.

The 10 year Award is given after a CWO has provided continuous (or nearly continuous) daily weather reports to the local National Weather Service Office. Typically, the CWO is awarded his or her certificate at a simple ceremony in the observers home or place of business.

Awards are also given to institutions who act as CWO's, such as Radio or T.V. stations, Water Treatment Plants and even State run schools. Typically these awards are presented to a specific individual who represents the entire institution.

The CWO is the unsung hero of the National Climatic Database. When engineers wish to build a bridge across a river, or a skyscraper in a developing city, they turn to the weather data which has been compiled by the CWO. When police need to investigate an accident, or the Legal Profession wishes to settle a dispute, they frequently turn to the weather records provided by the CWO.

Weather information is one of the major commodities which flows freely worldwide, even during periods of war. It is the most talked about item on many folks agenda. We cannot build, plan or develop without looking to the weather charts for some guidance. It is for this reason that we celebrate the CWO.