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Widespread Summer Heat; Enhanced Severe Weather

A large ridge of high pressure continues to deliver summer heat w/ humidity in several sections of the country. Excessive heat warnings and heat advisories are in effect across the Desert Southwest, south-central Plains, Mid to Lower Mississippi Valley and a small part of the Mid-Atlantic. Meanwhile, an enhanced risk of organized severe thunderstorms is possible from Iowa to Illinois and Indiana. Read More >

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Storm reports from our storm spotters and the public are critical during severe weather and winter storms. If you live in north-central or northeast Wisconsin, here's how you can help!

What to Report

Cool Season - More Tips
During an event: Snowfall, 2" or more to the nearest tenth of an inch. Periodic updates are a plus.

After the snow stops: Snowfall total to the nearest tenth of an inch.
Click here for more snow measuring tips.
Freezing Rain
During an event: First sign of ice/glaze on surfaces.

After the freezing rain stops: Total ice accumulation to nearest tenth of an inch.
Freezing rain

Severe Blowing/Drifting

White-Out Conditions



Warm Season - More Tips
Violently rotating column of air in contact with ground.

Funnel Coud
Rotating cloud not in contact with ground.
Large Hail
Hail 1/2" in diameter or larger.

Use ruler and report to nearest 1/4" or compare to object of known size (like coins).
Damaging Winds
Report winds 50 mph or greater (tell us if estimated or measured). Describe damage. 
Damaging wind
How deep is the water? Is the water moving?


How to Report

Trained spotters should call our office using the toll-free phone number

The public can send reports several ways:

When reporting, please include the time of the event, your location (including county), and what you saw or measured.

If you have pictures, attach them to an email or send them to us via Facebook or Twitter.