National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
May 25th-26th, 2011
Severe Weather

Thunderstorms developed over the region during the afternoon hours of May 25, with some of these storms becoming intense supercells. Large hail was reported with a few storms, including one that went across the southern Dayton metropolitan area and produced hail to three inches in diameter.

In the late evening and early overnight hours (going into May 26), a strong line of thunderstorms moved east through the region. Most of the line produced winds in the 40-60 MPH range. Numerous reports of minor damage were received, with a few areas of more significant damage. A few brief tornadic circulations also developed on the front edge of this line.


Photographer's description: Viewed from 2 miles south of Springboro, OH, looking north toward the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport (7:07 PM).

Photographer Rich Sucher (NWS Spotter)
Date taken May 25, 2011
Location 2 S Springboro (Warren County, Ohio)