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Classes are free and open to the public. Virtual classes require registration via the links provided in each course description. In-person classes require registration only if specified.


Each class lasts about 2 hours and is led by a National Weather Service meteorologist, who will discuss techniques and safety for severe weather spotting. Once you attend a class, you will receive instructions for registering to officially become a trained spotter. You will then be able to report severe weather to your NWS office.

Schedule Update for March 8, 2024
  • Our entire 2024 spotter training schedule has now been posted. We have added two new classes in Licking County OH (April 18) and Mason County KY (April 22).
  • In addition to our in-person basic spotter training classes, we have one remaining virtual spotter training class (May 14) that can be attended online from any location.
  • We will be hosting an IN-PERSON Advanced Spotter course in the Columbus OH area on Saturday, April 20. Additional details can be found here.