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Tips for cold weather


"By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail."

-- Ben Franklin 


Winter Travel and Road Reports

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Winter Forecasting

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Winter Weather Climatology




Winter Travel

Links:  Winter Road Reports (Illinois & the Midwest)

            Vehicle Kit for Winter Travel

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Preparing your vehicle for winterWinter weather travel


     Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter                  Winter Weather Travel





Winter Safety



Disaster Supply Kit brochure                 

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The Science of Wind Chill




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Winter Weather Forecasting


Links:  Snow / Ice Amount & Wind Chill Forecasts (Central Illinois)

             National Winter Weather Forecasts


5 things to know about winter weather forecasts


Definitions of winter weather watches, warnings and advisories


What is freezing rain?What is freezing rain?





 Winter Preparedness Resources

   Downloads: (PDF)


       Winter Storms: The Deceptive KillersWinter Weather Preparedness Guide






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 Winter Weather Climatology

Average annual snowfall                         Average winter (December-February) snowfall

 Average Snowfall for a Calendar Year (Jan -- Dec)             Average Snowfall during Winter (Dec - Feb)



Average winter high temperatures                        Average winter low temperatures

Average High Temperature in Winter (Dec - Feb)           Average Low Temperature in Winter (Dec - Feb) 


Average winter precipitation                       Average number of days with freezing rain

Average Liquid Precipitation in Winter (Dec - Feb)       Number of Days with Ice (Freezing Rain) in a Year