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Illinois Winter Weather Preparedness Week

November 6-10, 2023

"By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.  -- Ben Franklin 


Winter Weather Safety tips

  • Make sure your home Emergency Kit is stocked and winter storm ready          

  • Use sand to improve traction and apply products that melt ice on

  • Make sure you have sufficient heating fuel. Regular fuel sources
    may be cut off

  • Keep emergency heating equipment and fuel so you can keep at
    least one room of your house warm enough to be livable

  • Keep fire extinguishers on hand, and make sure your family knows
    how to use them.

  • Winterize your home to extend the life of your fuel supply. Insulate
    walls, attics, doors, and windows.

  • Install storm windows or cover windows with plastic.

  • Do not overexert yourself or work outside for extended periods of time.


  • 5 tips for shoveling snow
  • Emergency supply kit
  • Carbon monoxide safety
  • Indoor fire safety
  • Staying warm when the power is out




Winter Travel Tips

  • Make sure your car is in good operating
    condition before using it in extreme cold.

  • Keep condensation (water) out of your
    gas tank by keeping the tank as full as possible.

  • Maintain a storm kit in your car with such
    items as a cell phone and charger; blankets;
    extra clothing; jumper cables; a flashlight;
    extra batteries; high-calorie, non-perishable
    food; and matches or a lighter.

  • Plan your trip carefully. If cold, snowy, or
    icy conditions exceed your ability or your
    car's ability, don't travel. If you must travel
    be cautious.

  • Tell someone about your travel plans.

  • Never leave the motor running in a vehicle
    parked in an enclosed or partially enclosed
    space, such as a garage.





Road condition legend


Road conditions are collected by state Departments of Transportation. Detailed information can be obtained through the following phone numbers and web pages.

Midwest Road Conditions



  • 1-800-261-7623
  • 511 (within Indiana)
  • Mobile apps available for iOS and Android (check your app store for download)
  • DOT road report


  • 1-800-288-1047
  • 511 (within Iowa)
  • Mobile apps available for iOS and Android (check your app store for download)
  • DOT road report







  • 1-888-275-6636
  • Mobile apps available for iOS and Android (check your app store for download)
  • DOT road report


  • 1-866-511-9472
  • 511 (within Wisconsin)
  • Mobile apps available for iOS and Android (check your app store for download)
  • DOT road report





Cold Weather Safety tips

  • Frostbite is a severe reaction to cold exposure of the skin that
    can permanently damage your extremities. Slowly warm the
    affected areas and seek medical help as soon as possible.          

  • Hypothermia (low body temperature less
    than 95 degrees)
    is a life-threatening
    condition! Seek medical attention
    immediately! Get into dry clothing, warm
    the body core first and give the victim
    warm fluids - not hot beverages or alcohol.

  • Avoid overexertion, such as shoveling heavy snow or walking in
    deep snow. The strain from the cold could cause a heart attack 
    at any age.

  • Loose fitting, warm clothing worn in layers will insulate better
    and keep you warmer

  • Keep your feet and hands as dry as possible, and wear a hat



Forecast snowfall Forecast ice accumulation

                                                 24 hour Coldest Wind Chill 








Average Annual Snowfall (Jan. - Dec.) Average Winter Snowfall (Dec-Jan-Feb)
Average annual snowfall in central Illinois, 1991-2020 Average winter (Dec-Feb) snowfall, 1991-2020
Average Winter Liquid Precipitation (Rain & Melted Snow) Average Annual Number of
Days with Ice
(Freezing Rain)
Average winter (Dec-Feb) liquid-equivalent precipitation, 1991-2020
Average Winter High Temperatures Average Winter Low Temperatures
Average winter (Dec-Feb) high temperature, 1991-2020 Average winter (Dec-Feb) low temperature, 1991-2020