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AWCI/Enterprise Support

Private sector organizations, ranging from consultants to the media to information service companies, are vital to meeting America's needs for weather, water, and climate information. These organizations, often referred to as the America’s Weather and Climate Industry (AWCI) [1], together serve as critical intermediaries to make National Weather Service (NWS) information available to all and to provide specialized services outside the NWS mission. This part of the NWS web site indexes information of interest to the AWCI community as well as to others within America’s Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise (Weather [2] Enterprise, see

[1] America’s Weather and Climate Industry includes all elements of the private sector (including media, consultants, equipment providers, etc.) which provide services to the public in the areas of climate, water, and weather, broadly defined (e.g., includes space weather). The term does not exclude foreign-owned companies which provide services to the American public.

 [2] “Weather” is used in this context to mean all service areas which the NWS supports, including space weather, tsunamis, aviation, fire, marine, water resources, climate, etc.


America’s Weather/Climate Industry community and the Weather Enterprise more broadly are supported primarily through these headquarters offices:

  • The Office of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for coordinating and integrating all aspects of mission execution to ensure consistency of NWS products and services. The office develops strategic policy defining operating boundaries of NWS within the context of the larger Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise.
  • The Analyze, Forecast, and Support Office (AFSO) provides an integrated service focus for all NWS service programs and customers, including the AWCI and the broader Enterprise community.
  • The Office of Organizational Excellence (OOE) focuses on large-scale, significant changes to the organizational structure, infrastructure, or operations of the National Weather Service and coordinates and communicates change activities with both internal and external stakeholders.

These offices are staffed with a strong team of professionals committed to an effective partnership between the Weather Enterprise and the NWS to meet the Nation's needs.