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Northern Indiana NWS Skywarn Spotter Resource Page

Real Time Information

 Training/Reference Material

 Training provided by other sources including MetEd and, also includes other handy references for spotters regarding hail size chart, Beaufort wind chart, local area severe weather climatology, and more.

Reporting Procedures

How to make a spotter report and sources that can be used to make a spotter report. 

Training and Reference Links

Upcoming Spotter Training Schedule

Online Spotter Training Resources

Spotter Training YouTube Videos

MetEd Training Courses

Spotter Network Org

Spotter Resource Materials

 Spotter's Field Guide

Hail Chart (Size references)

Beaufort Wind Chart

Spotter Awareness/Preparedness Flowchart

NWS Northern Indiana Severe Weather Climatology

Other Educational Resources

Owlie Skywarn Page