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Winter Storm Departing Northeast; Strong Winds in Southern California

A winter storm in the Northeast U.S. will depart today with heavy snow in the region and over a portion of the central Appalachians tapering off through this afternoon and evening. Lake effect snow downwind of the lower Great Lakes and a potential for blinding snow squalls over the Ohio Valley will linger through tonight. Strong offshore Santa Ana winds are expected today in southern California. Read More >

November 14th through the 18th is Winter Hazard Awareness Week in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Each year, the National Weather Service, the Minnesota Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, and Wisconsin Emergency Management promote winter safety and preparedness for all citizens wherever they are: in their homes, on the road, at work and at play. Unfortunately, many people each year suffer needlessly because they are unaware of the potential dangers of the winter season.

Winter safety information will be presented each day during the week of November 14th. The winter safety information will be separated into the 5 topics below

Monday, November 14th: Winter Storms

Example of snowfall forecast information from the National Weather Service

Keep ahead of the storm by paying attention to the latest winter weather forecasts and warnings.

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Tuesday, November 15th: Outdoor Winter Safety

Image showing blowing snow on a Minnesota highway

The winter months can pose many hazards to those who choose to venture outdoors. With many outdoor activities available in Minnesota and Wisconsin during the winter season, you should be aware of how to keep yourself safe from the cold, ice and snow

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Wednesday, November 16th: Winter Fire Safety

Winter Fire Safety graphic from FEMA

Cold winter weather means that people are inside their homes more, and likely using additional measures to help keep their homes comfortable. This can pose heightened risks for home fires in the winter, unless safety precautions are taken.

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Thursday, November 17th: Indoor Air Quality in the Winter

Indoor Air Quality graphic from the EPA

With homes and other buildings sealed up in the winter, we face an increased risk from Carbon Monoxide, Radon, Mold and other pollutants.

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Friday, November 18th: Winter Driving

Image showing blizzard conditions on Minnesota highway

Winter weather can result in hazardous driving conditions. It is important to prepare ahead of time in order to stay safe on the highways this winter.

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