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Peyton Robertson
NWS recognizes that organizational health and culture are important to performance and improvement. Beginning in 2015, NWS conducted various surveys to assess NWS’s organizational health and culture. OOE conducts and analyzes survey findings, and also collaboratively identifies initiatives with NWS leadership and employees to improve organizational health and culture at the NWS.    

If you have any questions regarding Organizational Health and Culture, please reach out to Lara Pagano.

5-Year Goals
  • NWS recognizes culture’s impact on NWS performance and strategic goals
  • NWS consciously includes organizational health and culture in its decision-making
  • NWS is capable of proactively improving organizational health and culture to enable change and improve performance
  • NWS leverages best practices and networks of culture ambassadors to improve and promote organizational health and positive culture change across the agency
  • Analyze and communicate NWS Organizational Health Index (OHI) and Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) results for NWS
  • Conduct webinars and in-person coaching working sessions to share best practices, provide survey results, and discuss areas for improvement with mid-level managers (e.g. MICs, HICs, Regional HQ staff, HQ staff)
  • Organize and run a grassroots organizational health and culture team with members from across NWS HQ and Field offices to identify best practices, make recommendations, and pilot initiatives in local offices
  • Chair and facilitate Employee Experience Team (EET) meetings with other functions involved and invested in employee engagement


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