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December 2017: Temperatures were near to slightly below normal across the Quad State region. Temperatures were running above normal through the first 3 weeks of the month. However, a cold snap that began on Christmas Eve kept temperatures below 40 degrees through the end of the month. Some record lows and record cold highs were established during the last week of the year, including one of the coldest New Year’s Eve’s on record in our region. Despite the lack of snow cover, low temperatures dipped into the single digits on many nights.

Regarding precipitation, December was another dry month with drier than normal conditions across basically the entire region. There were only a few locales that picked up near normal precipitation for the month, mostly across western Kentucky.
December 2017 Review: Precipitation and Temperature Maps (Click on image to enlarge)
Climate Maps are from the Northeast Regional Climate Center


The graphic below is an interpolated rainfall map using actual observations. Please note that there are likely discrepancies in between observations, since the values are estimated based on nearest reports. 


Monthly Summary
Listings of normals and records for Paducah, Evansville, and Cape Girardeau


Monthly Climate Report: Paducah  |  Evansville  |  Cape Girardeau


Listing of records for Paducah, Evansville, and Cape Girardaeu

Record Event Reports: Paducah Evansville Cape Girardeau