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Updated by WCM, midday, June 28th, 2017:  This page will be updated when additional details are gathered.

Summary of the storm that occurred Sunday afternoon, June 25th:

Shortly after the episode occurred, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Pueblo traveled to Walsh, Colorado to conduct a damage survey. 

A supercell thunderstorm produced a fairly weak mesocyclone tornado across open fields from 3:25 p.m. to around 3:45 p.m..  The path was approximately 3 miles northwest, to 3 miles southwest of Walsh, crossing Highway 160.  From images and video, the tornado was likely around 200 yards wide.  At this time, this tornado has a preliminary rating of EF0.

All of the damage in Walsh was due to intense rainfall, hail from golfball to baseball size, and straight-line winds around 70 to 80 mph.  An intense microburst occurred 1.25 to 1.75 miles west of Walsh, snapping power poles in a three-quarter mile long stretch, and causing damage to a barn, and crop irrigation system in a half-mile long stretch.  Straight-line winds in that area were estimated around 100 mph. The lead time, time of severe thunderstorm warning issuance and  severe winds and giant hail in Walsh, was around 35 minutes.

Mesocyclone Tornado Lofting Dirt Northwest of Walsh, Colorado
Photo Courtesy of Taylor Pruitt
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