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Hazardous Heat Across the Western US into the Northern Plains; Heavy Rain and Flooding Possible in the South

Hazardous heat will persist over much of interior California, the central Great Basin, northern Rockies and Northern Plains into Thursday. Heavy to excessive rainfall will persist across the Southeast US. through mid-week. The Southwest Monsoon will continue to bring a flash flooding threat to the Four Corners Region this week. Read More >

Stay weather aware by downloading the FEMA App, a way that the National Weather Service in Pueblo can let you know of imminent weather risks by sending you notifications to your cell phone. For non-severe weather hazards, including winds, enable the SPS function in your FEMA app by following these steps.


Wind Risk Over Lake Pueblo State Park:



The Wind Risk Tool highlights our confidence of if wind gusts greater than 30 mph will occur and the period of time those conditions will happen. The is a local tool, meaning there may be times where it isn't updated due to technical issues at our office. The expectation is for this product to be issued between 6am - 7am between May 1st and October 31st each season, to incorporate gusty thunderstorm winds. 


Common Weather Hazards at Lake Pueblo State Park


Weak thunderstorms producing strong winds is a common weather phenomena in southern Colorado. Virga, which is precipitation evaporating before it hits the ground, is a really good indicator of strong winds. Here is what that looks like:



Lightning is very common in southern Colorado and a lot of the times when you are out enjoying Lake Pueblo State Park, you are vulnerable to lightning strikes. Here are some safety graphics about lightning.


Unsurprisingly to Pueblo, Colorado, it gets hot. It's important to understand just how hot it gets however. The hottest month of the year in in July (see below) where the average maximum temperatures is 93F, with some dates reaching above 100F. That Colorado sun is particularly hot, so taking precautions to help mitigate heat related illness is important when enjoying the water or hiking and biking the trails.

There is not a lot of vegetation for shade out on the trails of Lake Pueblo, so taking breaks when you do see some shade is important. As always, remember to bring plenty of water when out in the sun.

Here are some signs of heat related illnesses.

Current Forecast for Lake Pueblo State Park

Boating Safety

Lake Pueblo State Park is known for the its water recreation. Make sure to boat safely! Here is video created by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Some information about life vests.