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A storm damage assessment was completed near Vilas, Colorado in Baca County.  It was determined that a microburst occurred 3/4 of a mile east of Vilas and caused a very compact footprint of damage consistent with high end EF1 winds.  The winds were estimated at near 110 mph.  The microburst occurred shortly before 1 a.m MDT., July 30th, 2014.

The intense damage from the microburst was approximately one tenth of a mile long and 300 feet wide.  Tragically, one fatality occurred during this microburst event.

The shed below was around 400 feet south of the manufactured home.  It sustained EF0 damage (70 mph wind).  This is where the first damage from the microburst was noted.


The damaging microburst raced north across a small field and ripped the manufactured home from its tie downs and completely destroyed it.


The manufactured home was secured very well to the ground using the ansi 225.1 standards with tie down straps that were anchored into cement.  None of the anchors were ripped out of the ground.  The tie downs snapped.


The frame of the manufactured home hit and was lofted over several rows of hay rolls, and came to rest around 250 feet from its original position.  The debris field radiated out in a fan shape, consistent with microburst damage.


The two homes south and north of the manufactured home (around 2/10th of a mile apart) had no damage.  Three power poles between the manufactured home and the home to the north were destroyed, consistent with high end EF1 winds.