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On Thursday, April 22, 2010, strong to severe thunderstorms developed across parts of the southeastern Colorado plains and lasted through the afternoon.  The most dangerous thunderstorms were across Otero, Bent, and Kiowa Counties.  Several tornadoes were reported with one supercell thunderstorm from south of the John Martin Reservoir in Bent County to northwest of Eads in Kiowa County. 

A National Weather Service Damage Survey was conducted on Friday, April 23rd by the NWS Pueblo, Colorado office.  The area shaded in red in the image above (click it to enlarge) was extensively surveyed.  Interviews with Law Enforcement, Emergency Service personnel, and storm chasers were conducted, and photographic evidence was gathered from the general public and storm chasers.

One NWS storm chaser claimed to have seen twelve separate circulations on the ground in eastern Colorado.

Recall, that the EF Scale, which rates tornadoes, is a DAMAGE scale.  Therefore, if the tornado does not damage anything, no matter how big it is, and no matter how fast the winds may be, it is assigned an EF0 rating.  With that in mind, all the the tornadoes which are eventually logged, will carry a rating of EF0, with the exception of one.

 With one tornado in south central Kiowa County, a small (15 foot x 30 foot), Depression-era barn was completely destroyed.  At that spot, that tornado was given a preliminary ratings of EF1 with estimated winds around 100 mph.




Tornado Investigation Area

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