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Several powerful supercell thunderstorms moved through southeast Colorado July 29th, 2009. One brought hail up to the size of tennis balls in the Pueblo area, causing millions of dollars worth of damage.


There was one confirmed tornado in west-central Baca County. It was ironic with all the supercell thunderstorms acrsoss southeast Colorado, with their twisting, powerful updrafts, the lone tornado was a relatively weak landspout spawned by a quickly developing non-rotating thunderstorm cell. Opposing currently of air at the boundary were pulled up , as the thunderstorm cell developed upward. The \circulation was stretched upward and the diameter of the circulation decreased. Much like what happens when an ice skater draws their arms in towards their body, when spinning. The rotation increased and a short-lived tornado spawned.

Tom Magnuson, Warning Coordination Meteorologist
(Converted to new format by Klint Skelly, Intern Meteorologist 7/5/2017)

Courtesy of Laura Ming
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