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Strong to Severe Thunderstorms May Bring Excessive Rainfall to the Southern U.S. Saturday

Marginally severe thunderstorms capable of strong wind gusts and hail will be possible Saturday across much of central Texas, and during the afternoon across parts of the Southeast U.S. Heavy rain from thunderstorms may bring isolated flash and urban flooding, along with new and renewed rises on rivers and streams throughout East Texas and the lower Mississippi Valley. Read More >

KSC / Eastern Range Experimental Mesonet Plot


This mesonet data from the KSC / USAF Eastern Range area is considered experimental and provisional. This product is not for the protection of life and property. Quality control procedures of the data appearing on this page are minimal. The top image depicts observations recorded at 54 feet AGL and the bottom image shows data at 204 feet AGL.

Additional plots and data listings may be available at the NWS Western Region Weather and Hazards Data Viewer and at the Utah MesoWest (you may need to choose all networks in the drop down box and zoom in).  Data listings of all wind tower levels are available at the Utah MesoWest site.  The NWS Weather and Hazards Viewer typically shows only one level, usually the lowest one available at that particular tower so the elevation may not be indicative of where the sensor is located.