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Snow Continues for the West and Northern Plains; Gusty Winds and Fire Weather for the Central/Southern Plains

A strong cold front continues to push across the Western U.S. today with a storm developing when it reaches the central Plains. Heavy snow will continue across the Intermountain West and Rocky Mountains and spread into the northern Plains and Upper Midwest. Gusty to high winds and critical fire weather conditions are expected for the southern and central Plains today. Read More >

About Our Office


Thank you for visiting the NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group (SMG).  The National Weather Service (known as the Weather Bureau before 1970) has provided direct weather support to NASA for the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle, International Space Station, Orion and other programs.  When the Manned Space Center opened in 1962 a contingent of the Weather Bureau came to Houston to provide spacecraft recovery weather support.  In the 1960's and 1970's, the Spaceflight Meteorology Branch (SMB) of the Weather Bureau and National Weather Service consisted of offices at the Johnson Space Center in Houston; Cape Canaveral, Florida; and at local offices in Miami, Honolulu and Washington DC.  In the late 1970's NASA allowed each center to select their weather support structures.  At that time the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) opted to use the US Air Force for launch and ground weather support services.  JSC retained the National Weather Service for landing weather support.

SMG staffing size has waxed and waned with the manned spaceflight program.  Current SMG staffing consists of one NWS meteorologist.   A small group of NASA software and hardware contractors manage the Meteorological Information Data Display System (MIDDS).  The NWS Houston/Galveston Office provides support for NWS-owned Advanced Weather Information Processing System II (AWIPS II) software and hardware.  

Current SMG Staff

Adjunct Staff

  • Mark Keehn - Remote ITO (NWS HGX)
  • Bert Gordon - Remote ESA (NWS HGX)

Past SMG Staff and Staff Photos (links create popup window)

  • July 2013 - Michelle Kocen, Tim Garner and Frank Brody.
  • 2012 - Michelle Kocen, Tim Garner, Frank Brody and Tony Freeman
  • 2010 - [back row, L to R] Liz Barba, Brian Hoeth, Kurt Van Speybroeck, Mark Wiley, Frank Brody and Tim Oram.  [front row, L to R] Paul Wahner, Tammi Barreras, Doris Hood and Tim Garner.
  • July 2008 - [back row,L to R] Kurt Van Speybroeck, Doris Hood, Brian Hoeth, Tim Oram, Mark Wiley, Richard LaFosse, Frank Brody.  [front row, L to R] Victor Proton, Paul Wahner, Tammi Barreras and Tim Garner.
  • 2007 - [back row, L to R] Brian Hoeth, Doris Hood, Mark Wiley, Frank Brody, Kurt Van Speybroeck, Tim Oram.  [front row, L to R] Steve Early, Tammi Barreras, Richard Lafosse and Tim Garner.
  • 2005
  • 2004
  • 2004 with Deputy Secretary of Commerce Ted Kassinger
  • 1995

Incomplete List of Former SMGers

SMG Chiefs

  • Frank Brody  97 Space Shuttle missions
  • Gerald Rigdon
  • More to come

Lead Forecasters (Senior Meteorologists)

  • Tim Garner  92 Space Shuttle missions
  • Tim Oram 64 Space Shuttle missions
  • Mark Wiley  18 Space Shuttle missions
  • Kurt Van SpeyBroeck 18 Space Shuttle missions
  • Brian Hoeth  22 Space Shuttle missions
  • Karl Silverman  55 Space Shuttle missions
  • G. Wayne Baggett  76 Space Shuttle missions
  • Richard A. Lafosse   66 Space Shuttle missions
  • Steve Sokol  115 Space Shuttle missions
  • Dan G. Bellue  104 Space Shuttle missions
  • Jeff Tongue  12 Space Shuttle missions
  • Charles Morrill  44 Space Shuttle missions
  • Gene Hafele  39 Space Shuttle missions
  • Edward K. Hogan  34 Space Shuttle missions
  • Dennis Haller
  • Sylvia Graff
  • Senator Raygor
  • Richard Siler

Techniques Development Meteorologists

  • Doris Hood (Rotzoll) 110 Space Shuttle missions
  • Tim Oram
  • Brian Hoeth
  • Paul Wahner10 Space Shuttle missions at SMG
  • Victor Proton 9 Space Shuttle missions
  • Mark Keehn 43 Space Shuttle missions
  • Jim Keller
  • Laurie Hogan (Hermes)
  • Tim Garner
  • Edward K. Hogan
  • Scott Cunningham
  • Gene Norman (contractor)
  • Bryan Batson (contractor)
  • Steve Early (contractor)

Adminstrative Assistants, Coops and Students

  • Tammi Barreras, admin assistant
  • Monica Sowell, admin assistant
  • Joyce Montague, admin assistant
  • Linda Scott, admin assistant
  • Loraine Guillen, office education student
  • Pavlina Papadopolous, office education student
  • Liz Barba, office education student
  • Cara Heist, coop student meteorologist
  • Michelle Kocen, coop student meteorologist
  • Karen Shelton-Mur, coop student meteorologist
  • More to come

 Non-JSC SMG (SMB) Personnel

  • Charles Neumann
  • More to come