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Snow Continues for the West and Northern Plains; Gusty Winds and Fire Weather for the Central/Southern Plains

A strong cold front continues to push across the Western U.S. today with a storm developing when it reaches the central Plains. Heavy snow will continue across the Intermountain West and Rocky Mountains and spread into the northern Plains and Upper Midwest. Gusty to high winds and critical fire weather conditions are expected for the southern and central Plains today. Read More >

KXMR (Cape Canaberal) skew-t log p diagram

Latest mission support Skew-T Log P diagram from the Cape Canaveral. The most recent daily synoptic rawinsonde plots for KXMR may be found at these highlighted links for early morning and late afternoon.

Y-axis is pressure in millibars.  To the right of the Y-axis is labelling for the height above mean sea level in feet (upper) and meters (lower) at the standard pressure levels. Wind staffs are located to the left hand side of the diagram with speed in knots.