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Severe Thunderstorms in the Midwest and Heavy Snow in the Northern Rockies on Wednesday

Scattered severe thunderstorms (Slight Risk Level 2 of 5) are possible Wednesday afternoon and evening from southern Lower Michigan into parts of the Midwest/Ohio Valley. A cold front sweeping across the north-central U.S. will bring additional heavy snow along the mountains and foothills of the northern Rockies into Thursday. Read More >

Routine early AM synoptic KXMR rawinsonde

Routine early AM synoptic Skew-T Log P diagram for KXMR (Cape Canaveral, Florida) weather balloon.  Mission support rawinsondes released from KXMR may be found with the link or drop down menu.

Y-axis is pressure in millibars.  To the right of the Y-axis is labelling for the height above mean sea level in feet (upper) and meters (lower) at the standard pressure levels. Wind staffs are located to the left hand side of the diagram with speed in knots.